Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I want to first apologize for taking so long to get this up.  Things around here have been kinda rocky so I haven't been doing the best with keeping up with my blog.  What's the matter?  Well in the past 6 months I have gotten into running and lifting heavy weights and have been really enjoying doing both.  I have worked really hard and made some really big gains in both my speed, stamina and strength.  I have even been training for several races.

Recently I have been having some health problems that are starting to get in the way of that.  Most aren't very serious, but just require a bit of patience and rest to get over, but this past week I somehow managed to injure my knee.  The jury is still out on what I actually did to it and I won't know for another week as I have to have an MRI done and wait for the results, but it is looking more and more like I will have to drop out of my upcoming races.  It has been very frustrating to be sidelined with an injury and have two of my major past times taken away from me.  Honestly it has put me into one heck of a funk.  I have been in pity party mode and I haven't really felt like doing a whole lot of anything other than emotional eating and feeling sorry for myself.  Both are bad things and not very productive.  So here I am today vowing to try to snap out of it and get back to blogging, commenting, and most importantly crafting.

Now all that is out of the way....On to this week's challenge at Frosted Designs.  This week we are supposed to make a project that has to do with either Fall or Halloween.  I love Halloween and it is by far one of my favorite holidays so I knew that I wanted to do a Halloween project this week.  There was just one problem...I don't have kids and DH and I haven't done anything really picture worthy to celebrate Halloween much this year.  What's a girl to do?  I started to dig through a bunch of my old photos and thankfully found this photo of my adorable nephew from a few years ago all duded up as Spiderman for Halloween.  Thank God for nieces and nephews.  They always provide some adorable photos.  I gave this a bit of a Steampunk twist to it (because I seem to be obsessed with steampunk lately) and I used the AMAZING Graphic 45 line of Halloween papers.


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  1. These are booth AMAZING. I love that card, and the LO Rocks. too cute.