Friday, October 1, 2010


This week on Frosted Designs I am host another challenge.  When coming up with this challenge I wanted to really challenge our followers and step just a little outside the box.  So I turned to my favorite pastime and that is reading books.  I love to read and I have been an avid reader since I was a little kid.  The books I read are very much interwoven into the fabric and story of my life.  So this week everyone is supposed to use a book to inspire their project.  Head on over and see all the great projects and learn about some great books.  Plus check out the new prize for the month of October!

Anyway...On to my project.  This week I chose the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King as my inspiration.  This series of 7 books is are some of my favorites.  I am currently re-reading them and will probably do so again countless times over my (hopefully long) life.  They are full of suspense, excitement, love, determination, sadness, intrigue, etc.  I just honestly can't say enough good things about these books.  I will admit that they get off to a bit of a slow start with book 1 (gotta cut Mr. King a break as he was only 19 when he wrote it), but if you make it past that you won't regret it.  So, my project...

First I will start with the title.  "The world has moved on " is a phrase that is used repeatedly in the books.  In the story the world has changed rapidly and time has gone a little funny.  Things just aren't quite as they seem.  I have used the title (and the hidden journaling) to express how much my "world" has moved on since the time of this picture.  I was only 20 or so at that time and things sure have changed.

For the overall style of the page I used Steampunk.  I felt it really fit well with the story as the story has a curious mix of old and new.  It isn't Victorian, but rather more Western so I shifted the focus of the Steampunk a little to be more western.  I once again used the new Graphic 45 paper, Steampunk Debutante, to make this page.

Next are the roses and the 1 3D red rose.  Roses were a big part of the story, but there is a single, special rose in the book.  It is almost a character in and of itself at times.  It holds the world and it has a huge draw over many of the characters.

The train is also in the 3rd and 4th books.  He is called "Charlie the Choo Choo" or "Blaine".  He is a train with superior knowledge who likes riddles and is a serious obstacle of the 5 main characters.

The bear is to represent the character, Shardik.  He is an guardian from the old ones and is a giant cyborg of sorts.  He is part machine and part flesh.  That is why I put the gears and cogs over the bear to show that.

Finally the number 19 is in the story a lot.  It holds a special significance that I believe comes from the fact that Stephen King was only 19 when he started writing this story. 

All in all I hope you enjoy the page and are inspired by the challenge.  I have a great time working on this layout.  Get busy crafting and reading!


  1. Oh!! I just loved reading about your LO. It's quite interesting. I loved all the embellishments before I read all about them now I love them even more. Just great work.

  2. Okay wow love the story behind this .. but the LO is so full of layering and I LOVE THAT .. I wish I could do that .. one day I will try it ..