Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sheepishly returning to blogging

It has been way too long since I blogged.  I have no real good excuse other than I haven't been scrapping because I have been busy caring for my son.  Who knew infants were such hard work? ;)  It has been wonderful and difficult and more incredible than I could ever imagine.  Just to show off quickly here is a photo of him. 
Isn't he just amazing?  That is his two month photo.  To show how much he has grown here is a photo of him just a few days after birth.

Alright.  Now on to scrapping.  This is the first page I have been able to scrap since Kirk was born.  I am really pleased with it.  It is one of my maternity photos.  
I hope to start scrapping and posting again more regularly.  I sure have missed it.